that what the future, at least in the EU will bring?

I definitely do agree with the chicken Salametti. They use only male chickens. - normally- they are being shredded alive or gassed because the costs are too high to raise them. or so they said so far.

a Vegan Burger by Nestle. But why do they insist to call it Burger or sausage or Schnitzel? when it is all without meat?.

the spray cocktail? well, they have to try something new, don't they?

Hemp, and why not. People tend to forget that there are more variations of the plant that do NOT contain the -high- making chemical. After all hemp ropes were used hundreds of years before there was any Kokos,Sisal or now Nylon Fiber.

and except for that one -bug- snack, nothing more was shown about locusts, worms and other creepy crawlies. Producers have seen, the people will not take it, so they do not produce it. Should one make think. There is lots of other good stuff that can be used that grows -at home-, without having to think did it crawl, fly, slither or jump into the cooking pot...