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Thread: Russian lessons by Skype. Discounts!

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    Russian lessons by Skype. Discounts!

    Hello all! My name is Natella. I am a professional Russian teacher and I give individual lessons by SKYPE.
    Today I am happy to offer you a New Year discount. So, a 60 min lesson will only cost you 500 rubles from now and for the whole period of your study.

    Here below are my personal details, teaching program, methods and aids:
    Education – Moscow Pedagogical University named after N. K. Krupskaya
    Profession – linguist, teacher of Russian as a foreign language
    Experience – 6 years

    If needed you can get references from my students. I plan every class and explain rules in good English.

    Program of teaching is tailored to individual needs of every student.

    To allow a more focused approach, I have developed my own teaching materials in Word document format. They include:
    • Topical vocabulary arranged by everyday themes
    • Clear, efficient explanatory modules and grammar tables
    • Tables with verbal forms

    Courses offered:

    1. Survival Russian. 3 – 4 months depending on frequency of lessons.
    Enables to communicate in every-day situations.
    Includes every-day vocabulary. Role plays of every-day situations.
    Elementary Grammar.

    2. Basic Russian. 1 – 2 years depending on frequency of lessons.
    Enables to hold a conversation, speak fluently and correctly.
    Includes extended Vocabulary, Basic Grammar and Extended Grammar
    Basic Grammar: Verbs of everyday life, Verbs of Motion, Genders of Nouns, Adjectives and Possessives, Case endings, etc.
    Extended Grammar: Perfective & Imperfective Verbs, etc.

    3. Business Russian
    Enables to make appointments, speak with colleagues and business partners, discuss business, make presentations, correspond, etc. Includes Business vocabulary: conversation, correspondence and documents



    14 April 2015

    Andrea Altieri, marketing & Business Development Director ESAS Scientific

    I recommend my Russian teacher Natella to everyone
    She is time flexible + able to customize lessons on specific topics
    With her lesson I quickly got familiar with Russian grammars rules & most of all the correct phonetic Russian pronunciations.

    Andrea Altieri

    April, 8, 2013

    Adrian Cooper, an English teacher, school English first.

    I am writing this letter to recommend Natella as a teacher of the Russian language. I have been privileged to be able to learn Russian under Natella’s guidance for two years now, and have been able to see progress in my Russian skills. In the short period of time that I have been studying under Natella, my pronunciation has improved drastically, and my vocabulary has expanded greatly.

    I can tell you that Natella is friendly, flexible, and does what she can to make all the language she teaches you as practical to your specific needs as possible. I am also impressed with her superior organizational skills and her collection of information that she has clearly built up over time.

    I would recommend Natella in a heartbeat to anyone wishing to study the Russian language.

    Adrian Cooper

    9 March 2014

    James K. Jubilee, Deputy Program Manager, Biotechnology Engagement Program,
    Raytheon Technical Services Company

    This letter is in reference to capabilities of Natella Salamova as a Russian teacher. I have been taking Russian lessons, three times a week, from Natella since January 2011. After much research to choose the right kind of instruction that would fit my needs and schedule, I chose to hire her as my teacher. I have been extremely pleased with her teaching methods and my progression. Natella has always demonstrated a professional, patient and honest attitude. She is very knowledgeable of her subject matter and has an excellent grasp of the English language. These two capabilities alone make her the ideal teacher.
    Natella has never missed a lesson, has always been prompt and has always been flexible when my work schedule caused a change in our lesson schedule. Our lessons start on time and end on time. I truly feel that she is the ideal teacher and highly recommend her.

    James K. Jubilee

    11 April 2013

    Richard Lines, co-owner of the hostel Napoleon

    I highly recommend Natella as a personal Russian teacher. I was taught by Natella in 2011 and after 3 months made progress at Russian which exceeded my expectations. Natella is a very kind teacher who teaches at a speed that suits you – her simple and clear explanations (all in English) are always excellent and have helped me considerably advance my learning.

    Natella is very experienced at teaching foreigners Russian and combined with her degree in foreign languages means she is particularly strong at phonetics – an area non-Russian speakers find particularly hard. I have even received compliments from Russians that my accent is very natural – in no small part this is due to Natella.

    Another strong advantage is that Natella reinforces the learning by re-capping previously worked material until you know what you have covered by heart, and introduces new vocabulary that is useful and at a rate that is comfortable to become familiar with and learn.

    Natella is also very reliable both from the point of view that she always keeps appointments, is never late and always sends additional material by email when she says she will.

    Finally, Natella is a very fun young lady with a great sense of humour that makes learning Russian (by no means an easy language!) fun to learn. This for me is one of the biggest advantages.

    I recommend Natella to you without reservation.

    Kind Regards,
    Richard Lines
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