Dear Friends,
My name is Victoria. I am a concert pianist, classical music competitions award winner and piano teacher. I speak both Russian and English (Diploma in English,Commercial Interpreter).I would be happy to perform at your event or teach you to play piano privately (teaching experience 20 years). I play classical and jazz music,both solo and background music and performed as a soloist at Embassy receptions in Moscow and abroad.
Let me invite you to my Instagram,FB and YouTube.Video of my students and me.
Performance at the IAAS of MSU, the annual celebration of the University's establishment.
I have experience of working with young children,Embassy families(recommendations on request) and high profile Russian families in Moscow.My students successfully take part in the International Music Competitions.I teach both kids and adults.Lessons are adapted to the specific learning needs of the student. My students participated in music competitions and festivals in Moscow and the UK.
I provide my students with all the up-to-date learning materials.
Feel free to contact me and ask any questions.