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Thread: All the big German car makers met Trump, will build cars in the USA

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    All the big German car makers met Trump, will build cars in the USA


    As usual, business comes before politics. Most of them are there already. And not since yesterday. Very few outsiders know that -Freightliner- trucks are in fact Mercedes Benz.Since many years. They just changed the name in order not to -upset- American truckbuilders. and buyers who wanted to have an -American - truck. Interesting though, how much they will actually produce in the USA and which parts will come for Germany and just welded and glued together in the factories there...- local contend- to kepp trump and the Unions happy. And the rest comes STILL from all over the world. business before politics, as usual.
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    Import substitution, commanded by The Darkest, for sure...
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    Germany (Volkswagen) should have patented the MicroBus, before GM, Ford and Chrysler all stole their idea and started making vans (Gazelles).

    Likewise Japan stole the innovations of the East German rocket scientists - improvements to the two-stroke engine (East Germany always won the world motorcycle races) - to make $billions and $billions manufacturing and selling 2-stroke motorcycles. Suzuki, then Yamaha, then Kawasaki, Honda, etc. The Japanese ported this technology over to other areas of vehicular transport and portable machines.
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