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Thread: How to get a TRP without being married

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    How to get a TRP without being married

    The relevant sticky is from 2008 which by now is pretty useless.

    Could someone tell me how to get a TRP without being married to a local?

    Is it easier to obtain in certain regions than others (thinking Crimea)?
    Are there any "tricks"?

    My situation is the following: French citizen, own a property in Saint Petersburg, currently on a 3-year multi-entry business visa.
    I do not work in Russia, nor do I plan/have to, but if it helps to get a dummy contract or set up own business, I would be willing to go down that road.

    Thank you

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    Any foreigner can apply for a TRP under the quota system. It takes place once a year. Here are a couple of links with info about how it works:

    There are other options but I don't think you'd qualify. To get a TRP without a Russian spouse you'd need to have Russian parents, a Russian offspring, or prove you are Russian that was born and raised in another former USSR Republic.

    You can get a Vid Na Zhitelsvto (permanent residency status) as a "highly qualified specialist". Here is a link that shows info about this option. It's in Russian but with google, anything can be translated:

    I looked at this option, thinking I'd set up a company and hire myself. I found out that I would have needed to show the Russian migration officials how much I'd earned and the taxes on income plus social taxes the employer paid (in this case, my company, at my cost). It didn't make sense because of the cost of the taxes, plus an accountant to process the tax payments and documents. So...I didn't go down this path.

    The links I gave you seem accurate. However, this is Russia and I'm not an immigration lawyer. As you know, trust but verify.

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    Anyone here got a citizenship through HQS?

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