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Thread: Ukraine 5 years after Maidan,interesting article from the ORF

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ignatius View Post
    Once more GDP does not include foreign remitted income. Like transfer payments, foreign remitted income is not earned, being neither a wage nor a benefit. It would be netted out of consumption using the expenditure approach or excluded from PDI when using the income approach. You seem to be confusing GDP with GNP.
    There is no such thing as a "ruble adjusted GDP." Ruble depreciation is but an input variable to the trade balance (x - m) and its appearance alters GDP at that point, rather than as a conversion variable to dollar output.
    Introducing a new course in the Social Sciences department - " Ignationomics" !

    I salute your superior intelligence, in pointing out that I was too stupid to even notice that Poland has a greater GDP per capita, than Russia, in a chart that I myself made reference to!
    The Snowflakes are even Stupider than We Were!

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    What a totally stupid thread this is.

    If you trust the government you obviously failed history class. " George Carlin"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uncle Wally View Post
    What a totally stupid thread this is.

    Pay attention, you just might learn a thing or two.
    btw, cool song.

    regarding GDP's, I like the UK's way of doing things, just add to the GDP all the illegal drugs that's been taken, the UK being Europe's cocaine capital adds about a billion or 2 to their GDP.

    Why GDP includes the illegal drugs trade
    When it comes to our main measure for the economy, GDP, even the illegal drugs trade is included.

    When GDP goes up, it's said the economy is growing, which is something governments like to show off about.

    Critics say GDP includes some things it shouldn't.

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