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Thread: Sleeping pills

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    Sleeping pills

    Does anyone know of good over the counter pills to buy from a local chemist ?
    It's beem ages since I've had a good nights sleep.
    I would prefer pills that help you sleep and keep you a sleep, hopefully with no side affects, nothing too heavy like what can only be prescribed from a doc.

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    Мелаксен/melaxen, the damned imperialistic invention. I often use it when travelling to SE Asia, to normalize daytime shift (jet lag).

    Generics (with melatonin as active component) are hereин

    But in general I'd recommend 3-4 km walk in a park (Botsad suits well, or VDNH) and then 50 ml of vodka/samogon/whiskey/nastoika (not cognac/brandy as it contains carbohydrates activating your brain), with 10 min ventilation of the room before sleep. Instead of alcohol you can drink 1-2 glasses of kefir (warm, not cold).
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    250gr of Vodka should do the trick.
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    bro, i buy melatonin from the us.

    its the bomb. perfect nights sleep and u will wake up like a champion race horse, raring to go.

    5mg =1 pill. thats it. take it and 30 min later, ull feel drowsy.

    melatonin is a natural compound made in ur brain when the light gets dim. today, that is affected by a lot of blue screen time, so it really messes up our natural cycles. and also, we live in a place where we westerners have grown up in a more natural setting. (russians never invented or had a sun dial, and time is really less important to them- wonder why? one basic reason of course is that the sun is literaly never in a straight line. its completely erractic. and how has that played into their psyche? <read my upcoming book on why russia ......> )

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    [QUOTE=Judge;1484334]Does anyone know of good over the counter pills to buy from a local chemist ?

    what about your sleeping environment? maybe that is the cause you can not sleep? noise from the street all night long, or neighbors who make disco at 4 in the morning?
    what about your mattress and pillow? check out all these factors and maybe modifying one or more of these will do the trick without pills.
    to much light? change the curtains. or buy these shades, the same you get on a long plane haul so you can sleep.
    to much noise? earplugs. and you hear nothing...
    what about your bedding. pillow, mattress, time to change for a new different (hard) one.
    the temperature in the bedroom? should be no more then +18C.
    though for me the easiest sleeping -pills. my dog. we go for walks, not on the street or asphalt road. but through the bushes and into the forest. An hour or two. and we come home and are -powered out-. I also know one needs time to do that, i do have the luxury.
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    I have been taking сирдалуд for quite some time, for a different reason; its main effect is as a muscle relaxant (maybe you're tense). Its side effect is what you want, drowsiness. It is OTC, you can read about it here...

    edit/add I've found jaw muscles (lots of nerves there) to be indicative of ones general state of relaxation. You might instead or also try a yoga exercise called the lion, or lion's breath, or... ___ before bed, or anytime, it takes very little time or effort.
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    Ruski Korni Russian Roots in Russian . There a natural herb store in Moscow. Sleeping pills are not good. Natural herbs are. Start with Valerian root, add some Melatonin and a few other things and Voila! Also, Benedryl is the same thing as Unisom. All of these remedies are NON-ADDICTIVE. Valium and other "sleeping pills" will be bad news and you'll be hooked before you can say, "I need a good nights sleep".

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    I use Персен Ночь. That said, it seems that Alterall that I use in the USA is a little better, but I think it is because it has melatonin, so when I return to Russia in a few months, I will take the combo of Персен Ночь & melatonin. I also have an Rx for zolpidem, but I try to use that as little as possible.

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    My husband had terrible insomnia at one point when we were in India. He consulted an Ayurvedic doctor, who prescribed Manasamitra. It appears to be available in Russia - He found it very good for helping him calm down in the evening before going to bed and didn't experience any side effects. It's not addictive and is entirely plant based. I was very skeptical (alternative medicine is not my bag), but read a couple of articles about control testing of this medicine which indicate it may be a more than just a placebo.

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