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Thread: housebrand mane versus brand name products

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    housebrand mane versus brand name products

    is the one worse than the other one, healthier or unhealthier than the other one?
    there IS a difference in quality, no doubt about it.
    though the price difference is THAT huge, sometimes it makes one think.
    with a -brand- yoghurt whole fruits are being used, or so they say. with a no name, they use jam, or so they say.
    ice cream, the $$$ uses real vanilla and real cream. the cheaper one uses vanilla extract and milk. the difference in taste? we did a blind tasting, found none. the difference in price, of course.
    Obvious it is also one thing to keep in mind, you get what you pay for. but at least one hopes not to get cheated o nan expensive product. just to find out later, it was - snake oil- like the rest.
    from today's pics.
    The - white- Barley, favorite for Russian soup Rassolnik...
    80 Rubles for 500 gr. Of course, it is a prime brand. and KNOWN to be expensive. But their quality is beyond doubt. because one can see what is inside.
    The other Barley is a - house brand-. 20.90 Rubles for 800 gr. And we use it half with buckwheat as food for the dog. the kernels are smaller. some of them broken. the color is brown, meaning the last process, the polishing until they are white, was left out.
    would the brown Barley be more healthy? I have no idea. When cooked in the soup, one does not see the difference. And when cooked with the buckwheat for the dog, the whole lot is brown.
    And we found no stones or other nondesirable bits or pieces in the cheaper barley.
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