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Thread: Communism Acted as a Deep Freezer to Preserve Conservative Social Attitudes

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    Communism Acted as a Deep Freezer to Preserve Conservative Social Attitudes

    Spot on article. I have always thought this and I'm glad to see others agree with me.

    Not only in Eastern Europe, but I would extend such historical analysis to China, Vietnam and elsewhere, where decades of likewise communist indoctrination went in one ear and out the other of countless students. I can almost see the Chinese student sitting in class - "Oh, God, not more of this 'Workers-of-the-world-unite!' crap! Think I'll go to sleep.

    When finally the Red Chinese government eased back on their communist throttling of the proletariat, the unwashed masses overnight metamorphosed into entrepreneurs. coming out the woodwork by the millions...

    The intelligentsia could not eliminate millennia of Confucianism, Feng Shui, Bhuddism, etc.

    I would expand on the ambiguous conclusions in the article, it's more than a contest of whether Russian and the East can withstand the infiltration of the Western anti-religious intelligentsia.

    Globally, it's a race between the two opposing forces:

    1. Traditional morality
    2. The social engineering schemes effusing and choking so much of the West.

    It's a struggle of forces, the force of traditional morality opposed by the force of the humanists and social engineers. As more people reject religion and its attendant traditional morality. and as more of the humanists' social engineering programs wither on the vine, unworkable because they are unstructured - without ANY moral framework - not solving but actually creating more social problems, what will the masses do? Methinks they will embrace a new morality, a new set of rules which guarantee social cohesion and which they can all agree on.
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    I think the students were listening to their Great Leader Teng Tsiau Ping (there are several spellings of his name, I keep to the one we used when I was in China):

    Does it matter what color the cat has, as long as she catches mice?

    Meaning, make business by any ways and means. As long as the money and expertise comes back or stays with us, China that is.
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