One time job, make a review about our product on your native language (any language) 1500 rub ≈ 15 min

Hello everyone!

Our product is a gift - stationery item. We start with a new brand and we need reviews from people around the world. Preferably in English, possible with any accent, but it is also possible in any your native language.
Privacy, not necessary show your face, only hands, product and voice. You can talk about the product freely, but of course, I'll tell you what i are waiting for. I'll come to a convenient time and place in Moscow with my product. For example, meeting in a cafe, in that case plus latte from me. We will make it with my smartphone, for all about 15 minutes or even faster. I promise it will be very easy and interesting.
Before meeting, i will send link and you can look at the product and examples of such videos in russian.

All the best!
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