but not just now and not just like that.
Though she will be no more head the CDU party, with immediate effect, she was there at the helm for 18 years.
But she will serve out the Kanzlership to the end of her term in 2021.
Politics in Germany for sure will not be the same anymore.

The younger ones who will follow, either do not know WW2 or DDR ( as politicians) as they were still kids or youngsters at that time.
Should be interesting to see how the new leadership will look at Russia. And of course at VV. It is no news that Merkel does not like Putin. Not always very professional, to let a personal dislike interfere with politics. That is also one of the -main- reasons why she throws in the towel. Business wants to make money. And they also need the jobs. But Merkel insists on sanctions - because the Chairpushers in Brussels say so. And we all voted for it-.
The Diesel scandal, another nail in her coffin. Just in the name of the business and $$$ of course, emission results were faked. or the software that measured it was manipulated.
The -car of the year - (alternative fuel) a Brit, Jaguar, not a German one. How can THAT be? When billions are being sunk into the development of that. Where DID the money go though?
Sandals with legal and illegal Immigrants. The voters are very unhappy how that has been handled.
The crime rate has been soaring, - sexual abuse delicts, Immigrant to blame of course-. the yellow and other press, mostly anti-everything Merkel had done, did or does, are having a heyday. And laughingly walking ot the bank every day, checking their accounts rising.
One thing is for sure, the nex tkanzler, a man most probably, has his work cut out for him. A job I for sure would not like to have.