please... please... can anyone tell me what type of visa i need so that i can stay longer than 90 days? for the purpose of applying for TRP. i am a British, with a British passport.

All visa agents can arrange invitation and visa for a maximum stay of 90 days, even with the Private invitation.
i have been 3 times to Russia, each time 90 days max. the last trip i married to my beauty in the city of Krasnoyarsk, am back to France.
i know that the visa must be for the true purpose of the visit, so two questions i need the answer to:

1: what is the name? and where from? of the invitation that i need so that i can inform my wife to get for me?
2: what is the name of this visa for the purpose to apply for TRP, somewhere i heard that there is a visa type that permits a stay of 5 months. no visa agent have heard of it, that means i can do it myself directly with the Russian consulate, all visa application handed to VFS, and they do not know of such visa exists.

you can reply to this, or email me directly.

where is the Dutchman in Moscow?, how to contact him? he may have come across this problem before his TRP.

Many, Many thanks to all of you.