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Thread: Angy beavers retaliate in North Moscow...

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    Angy beavers retaliate in North Moscow...

    they for sure are no pets. but on BARDAK would also not fit...
    maybe time to rename the thread?

    The authorities brought squirrels, caught in Serebriany Bor, to Strogino, we had plenty of empty trees. Now we have about 10 or 11 here, much to the enjoyment of kids, dogs, and grown-ups.
    Maybe they can catch the beavers as well and relocate them? ( last year the park authorities wanted to improve on our 2000 ha park. Wanted to put up real toilets, they were destroyed. Put up little huts and grill to make shashlik. ALL the metal cladding was stolen, 5 grills were stolen. 2 pools for kids were built, locals were against it. so they were dismantled. No WIFI in the park no lights, the locals did not want it. They wanted a NATURAL park, where they can walk in peace and quiet). So, bring the beavers here, they will have it nice and quiet, no local will disturb them, no river - reclamation- will bother them. And we have plenty of young trees they can eat.
    There is no greater treasure then pleasure....

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