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if Ecclestone has nothing against it, it for sure does. in many a football, rugby, soccer, basketball or ice hockey team many a foreigner is playing, more often half the team is not - local-. and still, they are considered a national or local team.
Maybe Abramovich will sell Chelsea. Once the Brits are out of the EU, much will change. And what to do with all his money? bring it back to Russia and buy an F1 team. A few short years ago -everyone- was laughing at the idea of having a F1 circuit in Russia. last week there was Sochi once more. And will be here for many years to come. And be a highlight in the F1 Circus.
Ecclestrone is the former Chief Executive of the F1 Group which manages Formula One and controls the commercial rights to the sport. In January 2017, it was announced that Ecclestone had been replaced by Chase Carey as chief executive of the Formula One Group, though he has been appointed as chairman emeritus and will act as an adviser to the board.

With regards to the RF, there has long been talk, perhaps for nearly 30 years of holding a F1 street race in Moscow, including past the Lubyanka...........there was also talk of holding a race in the Lenin / Sparrow Hills by MGU etc but Sochi won the FIA agreement.