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Thread: Hey everyone

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    Hey everyone

    Hello Everyone,

    My name is Jon, I'm 28 and I am new to the message board. I am not in the Moscow area, but actually studying Russian at a local university in the Saratov region, while simultaneously completing my bachelor's degree from the US online . Before that, I was in Russia for about 6 months in the Rostov-On-Don region, and bounced around to Volgograd, Moscow, and SPb.

    I have been considering and reading up a bit about teaching English in Russia, which might be my next move. I happened to come across this website while doing so and decided to join.

    So, hello again and I look forward to using this forum in the future.


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    Hello Jon, welcome to this place! nice to hear and read that there ARE new people joining the site. -We- are still alive, sometimes though it looks - we- are all hibernating.....Ask, and for sure there will be someone who knows the answer or reply and is willing to share the experience here in Russia.
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    Lots of opportunity here in Moscow for an EFL teacher, John. The basic setup is that just to get your foot in the door, you'll be harshly underpaid by an employer who at least gives you a legit work visa, then as you build contacts you can start teaching on your own. Although it sounds scary, ideally your visa-sponsoribg employer will give you a part-time schedule- yes, this way you'll have a low guaranteed income, but then you'll have many open timeslots to offer to private clients. Welcome, and good luck!!
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    Welcome, man!

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