Hungary (and Poland) has been threatened with sanctions by the EU for violating the Left's "values".

Notice that the EU does not have a code of ethics, and they absolutely do not have ascribe to any recognized system of morality.

Instead the EU Progressives/Snowflakes/Bureaucrats rely on determining "Right from Wrong" by comparing your actions with their current "values".

In this case, Hungary is guilty of - you guessed it! - "racism." Hungary's "crime" is to not allow itself and its culture to be subsumed in a tidal wave of illegal alien invaders who despise Hungary and Western Civilization. Not allowing immigrants, some of whom rape, rob and murder the indigenous population, most of whom reject the mores of the host country, is now considered "racist" by the Left.

Of course, any speech or any action in opposition to anything the crazed Leftist ideologues demand, is 'racist."

Perhaps the loony-Left Eurocrats are anxious to destroy all opposition before Austria, now run by a anti-migration government, gets the rotating presidency of the EU.