Hi! We are a small English club “Sherlock”. We mainly teach our students English but we gladly welcome people from all over the world. We’ve already had a lesson in a café with a teacher from Japan and a “speed teaching” lesson with a teacher from France.

Most of all we like to party! We cooked 2 huge turkeys on Thanksgivings with a teacher form USA, played lazertag with a teacher from UK, organized quest lessons with a teacher from Australia, had a Christmas party, jumped on trampolines, watched the Game of thrones premiere and had lots of other fun events. Our Instagram is @sherlock_english_club. There you could have a look at some events we held with other natives.

We are located in Kolomna which is just one hour from Komsomolskaya on a fast and really comfortable train with a waitress. We pay transport costs and accommodation if you come for several days. And you always leave us with professional photos and video for your teacher’s portfolio.

The nearest event is on 28 July 10.00-11.30

Please email me alexandra.vavaeva@gmail.com if you are interested in this kind of cooperation. We could agree the details and payment according to your convenience.