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Thread: Native British Englishman, Currently in Stuttgart, is Offering 1st Class English Lessons via Skype.

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    Native British Englishman, Currently in Stuttgart, is Offering 1st Class English Lessons via Skype.

    I am a native, British Englishman, who is currently based in Stuttgart and I am fluent in the Russian language and I am now offering 1st class English lessons via Skype.

    Each lesson is tailored to the the individual needs of the client: having conducted an initial needs analysis and an in-depth consultation.

    About me:

    I am a specialist (with 26 years of experience in TEFL) in all aspects of the Cambridge exams + IELTS and Academic IELTS tests and I am fluent in the Russian language and culture.

    I have spent 20 years of my life living and working in Moscow and have worked with most of Russia's top companies, as well as the multi-national companies, their CEO's and top management personnel.

    I have also worked as a tutor to some of Moscow's UHNW/HNW families, during my time in Moscow.

    I have also assisted and mentored Russian people, who wished to enroll into the UK's higher educational establishments.

    Today, I am currently located in Stuttgart, working with some of Germany's top auto and electrical + gas distribution companies.

    My specialties include:

    Business English, IELTS and Academic IELTS, TOEFL, legal English, English for special needs & purposes, technical and engineering English, medical English, English for HR, sales and marketing, effective email & business correspondence writing courses + how to give effective presentations.

    I am now offering morning, evening and weekend English lessons, via Skype, to the people of Moscow and Russia.

    Each (1 lesson unit) is of 45 minutes duration. I.e. 1 academic hour duration and my lessons are usually of 90 minutes. I.e 2 units in total.

    My methodology:

    My methodology is one of using the "Communicative Approach," where the greater emphasis is placed on speaking practice, pronunciation, intonation and the correct use of lexis/vocabulary in context.

    The advantages of studying with me via Skype:

    • Although I am a British citizen (I was born in London) I am entirely fluent in Russian. Therefore, I perfectly understand Russian people's problems with studying the English language.
    • It is relatively easy for me to explain any difficult grammar points - either in Russian and/or English.
    • I am of a very easy-going, communicative and relaxed, but also of a quick thinking and out going character, who smiles easily.
    • It is entirely possible to arrange a time and place of your choosing, for our lessons, best suited to you. All you need is a good Internet connection.

    Learning Materials:

    All learning/educational materials are delivered, free of charge, in electronic, file sharing format.

    Prices/payment methods:

    The price of a 90 minute (2 academic hours) is 2,500 rubles and payment can ether be made via direct bank transfer or PayPal.

    Additional Information:

    Additional information, about me, may be obtained during our initial chat/consultation, whereupon my CV/Resume + all references are available upon request.

    Contact information:

    Contact me today - for an introductory Skype meeting on: WhatsApp number: +44771043286586
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