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Thread: Company work visa expiring, can youstay on as spouse of Russian citizen?

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    Company work visa expiring, can youstay on as spouse of Russian citizen?

    Hi, if a multi entry work visa is ending, is there a way to stay on as the spouse of a RF citizen? 6 month period would do, working visa not required. There is a dependent RF citizen child also.

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    Not stay. you most likely have to leave RF, you can get a visa (apply outside RF only), so read this as "visa runs".
    You may have that much time left on your present visa that you can stay while applying for TRP.

    Hint: Visa's are with a entry date and a exit date, you are suppose to enter on, or, after the entry date, and exit before, or, on the exit date.

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    To elaborate on Hans.kk's comment, here are two options to stay on. One is leave the country and re-enter with a tourist or business visa. If you are a US citizen, you can get a 3 year visa. Having a RU spouse doesn't affect the issuance of these visas.

    Another is to apply for temporary residency as someone with a Russian spouse, in which case you need to pass a language test and go through the application process. It takes at least six months to get the temporary resident status. You need a valid visa when you apply, preferably with at least nine months validity just to be on the safe side. The info showing how to apply is here on expat.ru and if you post questions, several folks who have experience with the process will assist including myself.

    Thus, as Hans suggests, if your current visa is not valid for a suitable period of time, you would need to leave the country, get a new long term visa, come back and apply for temporary residency.

    These are of course not the only options. Others are shown here. http://www.russian-visas.net/general...on/visa_types/

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