PLEASE NOT!!!!!!!!!!!! in winter one was always freezing because the heater never worked .in summer it was boiling hot inside because the little roof top emergency exit -windows- just could not cope to get the hot air outside. when the bus just came from the park, the first few stains, the bus was always smelling from diesel fumes.and it was LOUD! and when the cccp broke up and also Hungary and other countries left the -Warsaw pact-. new busses and spares were all over sudden only to be had for valuta.... therefore local coach builders got priority and did some quite good jobs, producing local busses. that are made for Russian Summers and WINTERS.

and for some amazing watching click on the two little trucks, halfway down in the middle.
i must say i admire the driver, just carried on and drove out, like nothing had happened. though he must have seen that no one was in the truck? otherwise he is a louse for not stopping and helping? on the other hand if that WHOLE THING GOES IT IS MAYBE BETTER TO BE FAR AWAY?