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Thread: Pluto and Mars in Conjunction

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    Pluto and Mars in Conjunction

    We are headed into an astrological clash of the titans, Mars and Pluto.

    Mars and Pluto will make exact conjunction on Thursday, April 26 at 7:00 am Eastern Standard Time.

    The conjunction is more like a collision, however, because Mars is racing toward Pluto (Mars is discharging 21 Capricorn – “a relay race”) and Pluto has just stationed retrograde, headed backward from 22 Capricorn, “a general accepts defeat gracefully.” So it is more of a collision than a conjunction.

    The Black Moon is empowering the collision, at Mars’ back.

    Overall, this is a wonderful thing for the collective of humanity!
    Forgive yourself for whatever is weighing on your heart. Forgive others for the pain they have caused. Apologize to the higher self of others for pain you have caused. Resist the pounding of the past and its guilt and shame. Regain the lost opportunity of yourself.

    Here is my suspicion about this, based on my history with them: We are ripe for a large-scale false flag against humanity. On Thursday, as Mars-Pluto are making exact conjunction at “a general accepts defeat gracefully,” the Sun will be discharging “a woman of Samaria comes to draw water from the well.” This energetic means “pay back time.”

    The aggressive, warlike attributes of the Black Moon, Mars, and Pluto, in collision, will ripple.

    The highest octave of the Black Moon, Mars, and Pluto, in union, brings victory for renaissance and rebirth.

    Thursday will be... “The Road of Transformation” (aka “The Road of Death” – “Death of the New World Order” – we have already won and are now playing it out).

    Important to slow down to moderate the side-effects and remember that we are in the beginning of REGAINING a lost opportunity – the world we want.

    Stand strong, wise posters!
    Government is like Fertilizer. A little is good, too much is a pile of crap.

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