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Thread: in the EU, whatsup only if you're over 16 years of age...

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    in the EU, whatsup only if you're over 16 years of age...


    for the protection of information... if you under the age of 16 you need permission from your parents. to be agreed on the app. if you're under that age and have NO permission from your parents, apparently there will be a -soft- version of the application.
    wonder how they will verify the age limit? THAT i would like to see. these kids are most probably more savvy than these techies and have long worked out a way to show that they are even older than 18 or 21....
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    Facebook tried to put out a kids message app but many tried to ask "what for?" Seems they want to start people using their apps as young as they can. Kind of like a McDonald's Happy Meal. Not good.

    I know kids 12 years old that already have Facebook accounts, they just lie when it comes to age.
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