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Thread: Russian citizen getting 3 year US visa

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    Russian citizen getting 3 year US visa

    I, a USA citizen, have a Russian fiancée. We bought a flat in Russia, where she now lives, which will be our long term home. However, I have a home in Florida that I plan to keep so that we can spent a few months in Florida each year.
    Can someone tell me the best way to get a US visa for her (we are both senior citizens)? Someone said that she can go to another country to apply for the visa to avoid the long wait time in Moscow. Is that true?
    Thanks for your help.

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    To beat the long wait in Moscow, some Russians have gone to Poland, Belarus to get the US visa,always check beforehand with the embassy there to get 100% information that all will be ok, you don't want to turn up to a country and find out they won't issue the visa.

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    Russians friends of mine told me they went to Kiev, Tbilisi, Yerevan, or Riga to apply for a US visa cause wait times were shorter.

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