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Thread: Was I (attempted) pick-pocketed in Moscow?

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    Was I (attempted) pick-pocketed in Moscow?

    Yesterday in the metro train during rush hour something strange happened. At Belorussky a group pushed into the car Japanese style. I'm 2 back from the door. Mayakovsky comes up. No one gets off. Then as we approach Tverskaya, I make ready to exit, one guy eyes me and motions "I'm getting off." Fine. But another guy in front of me standing at the door decides he's going to push back against me and faces me. The doors open up and I can't get through him, even though there's a mass behind me also trying to get out. I shoved the hell out of him - I'm not small (188, 100kg) - with an elbow and as he passed me he gripped my butt pocket as hard as he could. Very strange. Never seen someone standing at the door not get off a train at a very busy station. I know the "vy uchodite?" rule, but that seemed pointless when so many were getting off.

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    looks like? there are many monkeys in Moscow's human zoo....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ignatius View Post
    as he passed me he gripped my butt pocket as hard as he could.
    Pocket or butt? Be tolerant.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FatAndy View Post
    Pocket or butt? Be tolerant.

    Yes, sounds like he had a "gay" experience (and I don't mean happy)
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