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Thread: One Year Teacher visas for solo teachers---does anyone have one?

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    One Year Teacher visas for solo teachers---does anyone have one?

    Ive seena few people offer them for 80,000....but Id like to meet real people who have them.

    They advertise for us teachers who do not work for schools, but on our own....and are tired of visa runs......

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    Quote Originally Posted by finnandcork View Post
    One Year Teacher visas for solo teachers---does anyone have one?
    I do not think they exist, what some "agents" may offer is a visa that make you stay in Russia (without visa run every 3 month), not as a "free and independent teacher that is given private lessons", but on some other ground that allow you to stay in Russia, not that you will, legally, be able to make money as a "free and independent teacher that is given private lessons" on that visa, because it will most likely be a "student visa" or a "work visa".

    Frankly speaking you will in no way be able to work in Russia as a "free and independent teacher that is given private lessons" legally in Russia when you are not a Russian citizen. And if you are a Russian citizen you will need to be a ИП or work for a school that gives lessons based on individual needs, or work without paying tax.
    So you best options is to merry a Russian citizen and get TRP/PRP and on that basic stay legally in Russia, as an income you will have to show money in the bank.

    The visa that do exist is:
    Tourist Visa
    Private Visa
    Transit Visa
    Business Visa
    Humanitarian Visa
    Family Members of Russia Citizens
    Visa Free Regime
    Visas for Special Events

    And these where you can stay for up to a year, or, in some cases up to 3 years (always read the fineprint in the visa).
    Highly Qualifyed Skilled Visa (HQS visa)
    Student Visa
    Work Visa

    There is no "I want to do things my own way visa", sorry.

    For teachers (or any other that just want to make a living in Russia) that is required to have a visa to stay in Russia I only see two visa types that can be used:
    Highly Qualifyed Skilled Visa (HQS visa)
    Work Visa

    They both demand an employer and they do not allow you to make money on the side (selling private lessons to students).

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    Hi, yes I have one of those work visas. Its from a company called Teacher Work Visa and they were very professional and legit. I am officially employed by their school but am free to sign co-employment agreements with other companies

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    As far as I know you have to be employed by a company to get a visa. In case of teachers visa, still you need to be employed by a language school. (There is no kind of IP/ИП what they use for business for a foreigner to get visa, as far as I know)

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    Earlier, "Ryan" posted a comment about Teacher Work Visa services. Seemed too good to be true. At the time, someone I know was considering this visa option and I looked into it for him. Here I'm reposting what I found out before:

    The website for Teacher Work Visa services says the "complete package" for the visa costs 90,000 R. A 3 month registration costs 3000 Rubles. Each registration costs 3000 Rubles thereafter. Every time you leave the country and then return, you pay 3000 Rubles to be registered with the migration officials.

    There is no such thing as "teacher work visa". There is a work visa, issued by an employer. If it is a school, the employer needs to be accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Such a school can issue the invitation for the work visa. The work visa is valid for three months and can be extended, by the employer. Beware of hidden fees for this extension. The teacher works for the school and has outside employment if the school agrees to it.

    Some visa issuance companies claim to be accredited as a company doing business in Russia with the right to provide invitations for work visas. However, take this info with a grain of salt. In my understanding, the regulations surrounding work visas are quite strict and employers who provide work visa invitations are required to show the foreign worker has earned wages and paid income and social taxes.

    As has been discussed on this site, if you work in Russia, you have to pay taxes. It's possible as an English teacher to take payment in cash and work under the table, hopefully without getting caught. But it's not "legal".

    In an earlier post, Hans KK's asked "Ryan" asking for a copy of the visa allowing the holder to work legally and independently -- which Ryan did not provide. Per this post, Ryan should explain what co-employment agreements he is signing and whether he is paying taxes or not.

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