As the USA becomes disunited, or United -> Untied, we can expect more diversity of acceptable behavior, including those who expectorate on our vanishing freedom to express our opinions. No differing opinions will be allowed in the Brave New USSA.

Westboro Church was relentlessly attacked in the media, and prosecuted by the judiciary, for protesting against homosexuality.

Now the homosexuals of the Satanic Temple piss on the graves of former Westboro Church members, camp out and play loud music in front of the Westboro Christian church, dancing in their underwear, celebrating Satan.

So keep your mouth shut, don't you dare state that homosexuality is not genetically determined, or causes AIDS, and don't you dare criticize any of these wonderful folks, who are simply expressing their opinions and representing religious diversity, or they may show may show up in front of your house, in their underwear, to protest your "intolerance."