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Thread: found something about the weather, thought i want to share...

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    found something about the weather, thought i want to share...

    Russian anecdote about the weather
    +20C/+68F. The Greeks put on sweaters. Russian wear shorts.
    +15C/+59F. The Italians turned the heat up. Russians go swimming in the rivers.
    +10C/+50F. The Americans closed the windows in the car. Russians are planting cucumbers.
    +5C/+41F. You can see the vapor during breathing. Italian cars do not start. Russians ride in cars with open windows.
    0C/+32F. In Europe, the water freezes. In Russia, the water thickens.
    -5C/+23F. French cars don't start. Norwegians go swimming.
    -10C/+14F. The Greeks flee to Egypt. The Germans turned the heat up.
    -15C/+5F. Norwegians put on sweaters. Russian close picnic season.
    -20C/-4F. American cars do not start. Hawaiians became extinct.
    -25C/-13F. German cars do not start. Russian cars start with gas burners.
    -30C/-22F. Too cold to think. Politicians think about the homeless people. Russians wear fur hats.
    -35C/-31F. Japanese cars don't start. Russians go swimming in the hole.
    -40C/-40F. Swedish cars don't start. Russians eat ice cream on the street.
    -45C/-49F. The Germans take a two-week hot bath. Russian cars start with the help of Russian swearing.
    -50C/-58F. The Italians became extinct. The Germans flee to Egypt.
    -55C/-67F. Eyelids are freeze when you blink. Russians drink vodka to keep warm.
    -60C/ -76F. The Finnish special forces evacuate Santa Claus from Lapland. Russians go to the sauna with vodka to keep warm.
    -70C/-94F. Polar bears are fleeing to the South of Siberia. Russian run out of the sauna to cool off in the snow.
    -75C/ -103F. Hell has frozen over. Russians are switching to ethanol.
    -80C/-112F. All who could not escape from Europe and America, became extinct.
    -85C/-121F. Russian politicians put hands in their own pockets.
    -114C/-173,2F. Ethyl alcohol freezes. In Russian bad mood.
    -273C/-459,4F. Absolute zero. Stopped the atomic motion. Russians swear: ''It's ****ing cold, blyat'!''
    -293C/-495,4F. In Hell, all the devils were frozen. The Russians became World Cup champions of football.
    There is no greater treasure then pleasure....

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