Dear potential employer,

I am interested in and I am currently looking for an entry-level opportunity to teach English as a second language, whether it be as a teacher, teacherís assistant or tutor. I am a US citizen currently living in Moscow. I plan on staying in Moscow for the foreseeable future. I have a three year multi-entry visa. I was born and raised and have lived my entire adult life in the Midwest (Ohio and Indiana.) I have an excellent command of the English Language. I have taken College courses in linguistics and participated in tutoring foreign students at my Collegeís language lab in the past. In addition to this I had three separate roommates who were not native English speakers whom I frequently tutored and at times assisted them with their English abilities needed for their college courses. What I lack in formal teaching experience I make up for in drive, determination and genuine enthusiasm for teaching students. My plans for the near future are to obtain my CELTA and remain in Russia; however I would very much like to gain some teaching experience in the mean time. If you have or would know of any positions for a native English speaker I would greatly appreciate your consideration for an opportunity to become a part of your team.