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Thread: that -fresh breeze- on deck of a cruise ship is twice as bad as the air on Piccadilly Circus

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    that -fresh breeze- on deck of a cruise ship is twice as bad as the air on Piccadilly Circus

    and that is a small ship. with 2000 - lemmings- only. 12 cruise ships make more mess than all the cars in the UK togehter.. heavy fuel oil is cheap, the owners like it. and see no reason to change it. switching to -cleaner- diesel in port? they are being still allowed twice as much sulphur dioxide as any diesel car on the road.

    the newest ships under construction will have 6500 and more passengers. i am waiting to hear about the first NOROVIRUS outbreak there.
    Venice finally has decided, this multi story monsters are not allowed-into- town. passengers have to be ferried to St.Marcus and the Canale grande in smaller tender boats.
    Dubrovnik get an additional 9000 tourists a day from these monsters. when there is place for about only 7000 ALL tourists in the old part of town.
    being an exclusive ting for the rich and beautifull only, cruise PR Execs and ad companies are trying to find ever more specials, groups and people to fill the cabins.
    Grandparents with their grandchildren is the last group they -found-.
    -Captains table- with jacket and black tie? young people are not interested in that anymore. it is FUN they want to have. another church, another museum? what for.. a 2 story cart course on the back of the ship is the attraction for them. excursions? why and what for? people should stay on board during the complete cruise and spend all their money there...good for the bottom line and the boni for the owners of the ship and the investors.
    and who wants to see old Mona Lisa are being squeezed through in minute sequences, maybe if you are lucky you get a glimpse of the lady.. stay on board. party all night, sleep all day, THAT's what they want you to do..and spend,spend,spend. but only on board.
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