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Thread: Writing Circle

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    Writing Circle

    Are there any other people out in Moscow that write and are looking for a group? I am. Whatever you writeónovels, poetry, short stories, scripts, anythingóitís good to have a group to share it with, to discuss, and to get feedback. Let me know if youíre interested! The format of the group can be really flexible, I know everyone probably has busy lives, so meet ups could be even once a month.

    Groups are great not only for the feedback but also to keep a writer honest with themselves and stick to a deadline.

    I know I canít be the only one looking for fellow writers! Comment below and letís get something started!

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    What kind of stuff do you write?
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    Im interested. I have never been part of a writers circle, but i do have two published books and am almost done with my third.

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