Bought some Ripple yesterday, but I got it from some serious gains from Ethereum Classic. Ripple is up only like 50%, ETC - 300%+ from the previous dip, so I have moved all I had on ETC to Ripple. For two reasons - 1) If the market falls XRP will fall in moderation because it hasn't grown much, 2) if the market grows XRP should finally show some good performance. I have most of my cash in NEO now, like 20% of it - in NEM. Those two are high risk alts, they have fallen a lot this year and seem to be rather promising if there is a pump soon. I have sold some crypto to fix my profit as well - my profit margin - 90% for what I have sold. Naysayers, begin eating your ties and envy in silence.
Rem, where are we going from now? I have been wondering about one thing - BTC dominance hovering around 56% - it is quite high at the moment, so I think a serious plunge below is maybe off limits to BTC at the moment. I expect the price to go up to 10K or maybe even above for BTC, maybe up to 12K then down again. The altcoins need to "play down" the BTC dominance before its price goes down. What do you think about this?