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Thread: Cryptocurrency

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    Quote Originally Posted by Russian Lad View Post
    Everything has its last day, I am sure even the US dollar will see it eventually. But I would question your sanity if you have begun thinking its demise may come from Maduro's altcoin (why from an altcoin "backed by oil" but not from bolivar backed by oil???)... For many reasons. How old are you, exactly?

    Did he? If I was the Columbian government, I would tighten up the border control - obviously, if this info is correct, there will be thousands more Venezuelans trying to cross the border in their desperate attempt to find food.
    Wally, perhaps you will be the one who can describe to me how an altcoin running on a smart contract from ETH or NEM can be backed by oil? I am genuinely intrigued.

    I was too busy buying cryptos when bitcoin was around 6K, so I would not have time to attend your gatherings. Yes, Maduro's altcoin will seize the cryptos market soon, we all realize this by now. I am sure that eventually Putincoin will become #1 and the global reserve currency. Hungry Americans will be begging Russian tourists to exchange their worthless dollars for some rubles or putincoins or bread, the Russian tourists will just giggle merrily and burp in response... I cannot even begin to imagine what is going on in your poor kvas-affected head.
    You know, Rumple, here is an article about you (your case is more complicated though because you somehow believe that bitcoin will cost zero but an altcoin from Maduro has a bright future):
    These ones in this article might dream of help from russians, or even Haiti's and this is not the future but america NOW. it was England too in the 19th century...maybe 1820 or 1850 or something

    Bitcoin is going to zero, just keep holding them tight and your seat is reserved at putinist meetings

    Etherum is a technology, as far as I understand(i have not researched it). It's like downloading a copy of Linux, and then saying the program you put on top is not backed by oil because one piece was designed in another country.... are you sure you understand the Etherum stuff? Having said that, I haven't looked at all the detail myself, but what you have said defies common sense

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    Bitcoin is going to zero, just keep holding them tight
    Right, and one day we both are gonna die... If one listens to you, why live, the end is coming anyway... Or you plan to be around forever? Bitcoin has been around for some years now, there is every chance to believe it will not cease to exist this year or in 2-3 more years. This time frame may be enough to make a little fortune... You are yet to discover things like Segwit, Lightning technology, etc...

    Etherum is a technology, as far as I understand(i have not researched it).
    But you have researched bitcoin and have come to the conclusion it is not technology? Бугага. It takes like 5 minutes to read something like this - - but you haven't bothered to do even that, yet you jump into a discussion of grown-up people to offer your views on this subject???? Wow. Just wow. Putinism at its best. That's why you guys are gonna lose, and pretty soon - you don't do your homework...
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