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Thread: A high-level room, 4 min from m. Chistye Prudy

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    A high-level room, 4 min from m. Chistye Prudy

    A high-level room, 4 min from m. Chistye Prudy
    1. One separate bedroom (16 sq.m.) available. Stalin-era 3 room apartment, clean, spacious, with high ceilings, recent Euro-renovation & all necessary conveniences.
    Your room is equipped with a 2-person bed, a large cabinet, a dresser, a lamp, curtains and an ottoman.
    Closed parking area available (“first come - first serve”).
    Large windows. The view of Chistoprudny Bul’var, the Pond and Sovremennik Theatre.
    The neighbourhood is awesome. Many bars, cafes & grocery stores (Diksi, Azbuka Vkusa).
    2. Your roommates are two Russian mid-twenties working professionals (not a couple):
    Dmitry - works in a tech startup;
    Elena - works in fashion industry.
    Looking for responsible people with no bad habits. No couples.
    3. The cost of the rent is 27.000 per month (electricity, water, monthly cleaning, household goods, Wi-Fi - included) due on the 20th of each month plus a 30.000 security deposit up front.
    Move in date - July 1st 2017.
    Visiting is available now.
    4. If interested, please, send us several sentences about yourself (age, job, interests) and your cell-phone contact to Facebook.
    Sorry, we won’t invite candidates without checking your Facebook profile.
    We will get back to you soon and offer the time to visit us.

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    Move in date - July 1st 2017.

    But now we have October 10. how can your date be? a typo? or is it an ancient post and you just re posted it without changing or checking the date? but you also joined only in October. And it is your first post. so, must be a typo?
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    I think they just know that the room will be open and are trying to not have any laps in payments.

    I like the fact that they have to check your Facebook page. I wonder if a VK page will do? Many Americans have given up on Facebook or never used it. Most Facebook members are Asia, Russia and Europe. People have stopped putting photos of them drunken and wearing a lampshade anyways. She doesn't want anyone with bad habits but mentions how close the clubs and bars are. I would say you can only find bad habits in places like that. She must mean smoking. She's looking for a roommate and free English practice and she needs it. By "High level room" does she mean the building is tall and you will be close to the top? Good luck to her.
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