September is a good time to get to learning Russian. And right now, I have several free time slots for some new students.

My name is Polina and I am a certified Russian tutor, working with adult learners, who need Russian for their work or life in Russia.

Here are the key points of my teaching approach:
• Help student to overcome his/her language barrier (we will talk a lot).
• Attention to the student’s personality (your interests, profession, what is easy and what is difficult for you, which techniques work, and which don’t).
• Use my own experience in learning several foreign languages. (How to make grammar easier to understand and remember? How to make a lesson both interesting and useful?)
• Attention to pronunciation (so that you understand well, what others say in Russian, and others easily understand you).
• Regular homework and feedback.
• Explanations in English (for beginners) or in Russian (for more advanced students).

You can learn online from anywhere or offline in Moscow.

If you are interested or have any questions, let me know through: PM, email: