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Thread: How many jackets are enough?

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    How many jackets are enough?

    As I prefer Moscow Public transport over private. I personally like to have two one for harsh winter and other for mild winter, long ones are preferable kind. But for jogging, I need a functional water proof jacket and then there is summer rain . . . so I thought 2 jackets may work.

    I'm not a minimalist but there are other interesting things in life than to take care of clothes. So what do you guys think !!!

    What is the minimum number of coats and jackets which get you by?

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    What is the minimum number of coats and jackets which get you by?[/QUOTE]

    COATS ( and pants to match) for winter i have 2. one - fufaika style - ( google, it takes to long to explain here).for walking the dog in winter. together with -Valenki-. there is no snowplough in the park at 6 in the morning... if it is cold, i wear it with a jumper or thick polo neck underneath. if it is less than -20C just a t shirt underneath will do fine. and another one thick Anorak, also Russian made, though more - stylish - for going to work.
    no synthetics, no -Alaska- style, good old CCCP, they still make and sell them. though not in Moscow in the fashionable shops on the Arbat...

    for - nice - things to do, i have a leather coat with all - sheep(?) fur- lined. old,soft and creased now. but keeps me warm in any temperature.
    There is no greater treasure then pleasure....

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