I am Italian, I am 34, I speak fluent English and I deeply studied grammar in the UK for few years. I have no Visa for Russia.

Someone knows what would be easier for me between, finding a job in a private language school in Russia (providing me a work Visa) as Italian teacher or as English teacher? I don't mind the city as long is not very small (>200.000 people).
I would hold a language teaching certificate such as TEFL for English or DITALS for Italian.
I am graduated in Economics (bachelor degree).

I need to know this, so that I can choose what certificate to study between Italian teaching (DITALS) or English teaching (TEFL).
I would not like to invest time, effort and money to study a certificate for a language that nobody would hire me for.
The advantage of teaching Italian is that I am native speaker, but on the other hand, since there are few Italian schools and a lot of competition, in many countries they hire only people with a graduation in Languages. On the contrary, about teaching English I am a not native speaker, but there is a higher demand of English teachers. I don't know which count more.

If nobody knows this, could you please address me to the right place to ask this information.

Thank you.