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Thread: I have no friend in Russia.

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    ALWAYS in trouble.....
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    jamestv seems to have disappeared......................
    Если враг в пределах досягаемости, то и вы тоже! - Только раз бывает в жизни встреча

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    Quote Originally Posted by vossy7 View Post
    nicklcool ......I love your bonhomie here but do you really believe this ........I will be the first to stand and put my hands in the air if any credence can be attributed to this post !
    Ahhhhh Vossy you're right, I was too lazy to look at his/her other posts, the poor English skills threw me off, I suppose.

    OP, earlier you wanted to marry an American in Russia, then were hoping to knock some poor girl up hoping to get a Russian passport, then needed registration....that's quite a change in needs & desires over a short short period of time!

    Hmmmm, OP speaks poor English, only second-world country that would let him in is Russia, hopes to knock up a pretty white girl....OP, you're not from an African country by chance, are you? If so, how can I claim my inheritance, where shall I transfer the upfront convenience fee? :P
    I am fascinated by Russia, this country with frigid weather, hard souls, and hot girls!

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    I think you should leave. Ive been here almost four years and never been scammed, even by scam artists...ofcourse, I look like I could actually hurt someone, by the way, when I came here, I spoke less than ten words, seriously, just go backto the boring country you came from.

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