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sorry took some time to get togehter..
10 000 rubles for labor
15.000 rubles for the gasket
BUT should it be needed and necessary to grind down the -engine block- so the gasket will fit perfectly, that will be extra. how much can and will be determined only when the mechanic will see the situation and condition of the engine.
these are the prices from a work shop, with official stamps and papers, not a one garage, one man, workshop.and obvious, because i am here, Moscow.

Sorry i did not see your later answer.
The engine is not that bad, A greater damage would have been seen long time ago, but the engine have no further complication. For the moment i am adding a sealing liquide (http://www.ebay.com/itm/HI-Gear-Meta...-/221575898810). When o do that i might just go to russia on a couple of days vacation, but Moscow is too far away. Are sure this thing does not cost more that 25000 overal ?