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Thread: getting married in the UK vs Russian

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    getting married in the UK vs Russian

    hey guys,
    I've been told the rules can change on both options quite regularly.

    1st Question
    We're ideally looking to get married in the UK next year assuming that her parents can travel here.
    if in the UK my understanding is that the only requirements are:
    • that I (English) earn above 22k annually
    • that I am a perm UK resident
    • that we can prove our relationship

    All the above aren't a problem she (Russian) is coming to the end o a 2 year UK visa granted on the understanding of proof of relationship etc.

    Are there any other requirements from either my or her side do you know?

    2nd Question
    if her parents can't come here then we'd look into marriage in Russia, my understanding is that the requirements are much simpler though the paperwork / time involved is more complex. My understanding:
    • proof of relationship
    • that I have to stay over there for about a month for various paperwork and checks etc

    FYI I'm currently on my 3rd Russian business VISAs and both fly to each other pretty regularly.

    Are there any other requirements for me or her if we wanted to get married in Russia? (she lives in Moscow but registered as living in another city - one I'm allowed into)

    as always, thanks for any advice!


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    I've read on some old posts that there was a requirement for a certain level of savings needed for the stage at which you apply for yuor partner to live in the UK.

    The wording of it seems that if getting married in the UK then you get an engagement visa, under which she cannot work or study. And as she's therefore be a dependent, there woudl be a savings requirement.

    What I can't ascertain is (a. whether the above is still true, and b. whether if we got married in Russia the same applied.

    For example, if we married in Russia and wanted to live in the UK she would almost certainly have work already arranged through partner companies and as married it seems she'd be able to work straight away legally - is my understanding correct? And if so does that mean that I wouldn't need such a savings amount as she wouldn't be 'dependent'.

    Apologies for the flood of Qs but it seems a minefield and I'm getting very little (read 'no') help from other sites and forums, just lots of views!

    thanks, Rich

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    Here are the rules on marriage visas if you plan on marrying in UK -

    Here are the rules on your wife joining you if you marry in Russia -

    And here are the financial requirements -

    Marrying in Russia isn't complicated. You can do so on any visa. But you need to give a month's notice at the registry office (although you might be able to get an earlier appointment if you have mitigating circumstances/ask nicely) and before you can do that you need a Certificate of Non Impediment ( from UK which has to be translated to Russian and notarised (here) and also apostilled at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I got married here in 2012 so things may have changed (I don't think they have) and you should check posts on the forum re. Russian marriage procedures.

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