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Thread: How To Learn Russian Fast... being busy and adult

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    How To Learn Russian Fast... being busy and adult

    These are some thoughts from my experience as a teacher of Russian for expats... (in brief)

    When being adult we decide to learn a new language, we cannot dedicate 24 hours a day to it... as we did in our childhood.
    We don't have time to LISTEN and REPEAT all day long. Or a governess near us to talk and correct us all the time.

    Unfortunately, all we have is 60-90 minutes twice a week for it (or less). - So, such «childish» method won’t do for "busy adults".

    Now the algorythm should be DIFFERENT:

    1) Learn the main "building blocks" of the Russian language.
    ("Building blocks" are patterns to construct a Russian phrase. There are 4-5 of them)

    2) Fill these "building blocks" with the Russian words YOU need. (Use a pocket dictionary/ online translator at first).

    With such approach, you don't have to memorize numerous Russian phrases by heart, (not even sure whether you'll ever use them).
    You start expressing in Russian YOUR own thoughts. At the very beginning.

    P.S. Please, let me know whether it's interesting for you, dear expats, and if you'd like to learn more about this subject.

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