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Thread: Marriage Process

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    Marriage Process

    This may have been asked before and if it has I am sorry but I'm short on time this morning and did not use the search function. I did look through the recent posts to see if my question was answered.

    Has anyone married or at least filled out the paperwork recently in Russia (U.S. Citizen marrying a Russian)? I know things can change so I'm looking for the most current information.

    If so, how long did the initial paperwork take you (before registering at ZAGS)?

    The reason I ask is because currently at my work we are short on staff and my boss is not allowing me to take as much time as I would like. If I go straight by the steps, the longest one seems to be getting the documents legalized at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which says it is a 5 day turn around with no way to expedite. My fiancee and I are both under the impression albeit naive, that it may only take about 5 to 6 days.

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    your future wilfe is Russian? would it therefore not better for her to go to the ZAGS and ask all the relevant questions? because first thing there you will have to find a date when THEY have a slot available for your wedding. and since you are a foreigner, if you get married in Moscow, there is only one ZAGS and they are quite busy.
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    Cool, take my congratulations!!!
    For marriage registration in Russia is required to wait a one month after the submission of the application to the ZAGS.
    If there are valid reasons (f.e. pregnancy) this month period may be reduced. Valid reasons need to be documented.
    List of required documents for the marriage registration can be requested at any ZAGS.

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    Any foriegner in Moscow could get their marriage registered only at ZAGS No:4 which is near Savelovskaya. They do have a special counselling to advice for what documents are required. As far as I know, you need a bachelors certificate / singles status certificate which should be apostilled in your country and get it translated and notarized here in Moscow.

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    I got married way back in 2007 but the process was rather simple. Yes everyone's right you will need the certificate veeifying that you're single or divorced, but I was able to get the doc (which was providded by some Russian official) signed and stamped at Citizen Services at the US Embassy at Moscow. Before the official signs I'm like wait don't you have to check some database to verify that I'm not married? He's like naw we could care less if you're married; the Russians require our citizens to have this doc signed in order to get married so we sign them as a service to our citizens LOL I brought the signed doc back to the Russian official and he's like so you're taking another one of our women?

    Slightly off topic from the OP but if you want to bring your girl to the US I HIGHLY recommend doing a DCF (direct consular filing) spousal visa vs. applying stateside for a fiance visa. There were a whole host of benefits; your wife will get her Green card and thereby right to work immediately vs. a waiting period and I am convinced that we had fewer interviews RFEs (requests for evidence) etc. because our marriage was less suspect since we married and filed for the visa in Russia.

    Yes and there is only one ZAGS in Moscow that handles foreigner marriages- as I recall it was at metro Savyolovskaya. You will be fascinated by all the different foreigners; for me the short Korean with a tall blonde Russian bride was quite anazing And BTW if you apply later for RVP (presumably in Moscow), having gotten married in Moscow means your marriage cert doesn't have to be notarized- one less step!

    Good luck and congrats on being smart enough to fall in love with a Russian woman!!!!
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    I have apostilled divorce paper showing that Im divorced, do I need to have this translated and notarized?

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