Hello dear expats.
My name is Elena Merabova. I am a certified Russian language teacher. I've graduated from the Russian language university in Moscow, got my master degree in teaching Russian language for foreigners in 2013. I had an internship in Budapest, teaching hungarian students; used to work as a teacher in the university of Russian language by Pushkin; in EIS English International School and also on the private basis I cooperated with differnt companies ( Chipita International S.A, Prodimex, X5 Retail Group, Clearstream, PMP , Sumsung and ...) teaching the expats. I really love my job and I am doing it with a great pleasure. I have been teaching foreigners from quite different countries; I had students different ages, statuses and nationalities and each experience is unique. I speak several languages ( English, German, French and Georgian) , but I use the foreign language only on the first step of the studying process, further as soon as I see , that the student is doing well , I eliminate the middle language and all the further teaching process is going to be in Russian as I want the student to be fully immerged into the language environment.
I have been working as a teacher since 2006. For this period of time I have drafted my own approach of the studying process. During my classes I pay equal attention to all aspects of the language, using several methods (combination of methods grammatical, audiovisual, actable and communicative), which help me to develop all language skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking).
I pay specific attention not only to grammar, but also to building and developing listening skills and speaking practice.
I train audio skills by playing some original texts, recorded by native speakers. I use movies as a studying material. First of all I analyze the script with the students, we learn new words, phrases, analyze grammar structures and then students use the newly learnt phrases in different contexts until they became a natural and integral part of their vocabulary. While studying a foreign language, it is very important to learn grammar, as it gives you opportunity to express your thoughts, build sentences and sound correctly.
I use communicative approach to overcome language barrier, the classes are organized according to the models of the real life situations.
I draft an individual program for each particular student, based solely on his/her background and requirements. It depends on the goals the student wants to achieve, on his/her way of thinking and absorbing information.