We are looking for a Full Time Native English Speaking Governess for a 13 year old boy and a 7 year old girl both living in Moscow to start ASAP. Both children already have a great command of English gained with their former English Governesses. Both parents also possess good English.

Your responsibilities will be aimed at the further development of English language skills of both children by producing English language lessons on a daily basis. This post is highly recommended as this family is well known to our company and is a top employer when it comes to working conditions. The advertised role is ideal for an experienced Teacher who is always ready for a new challenge. We are looking for an American female aged 25-40 with teaching qualifications and good employment record preferably with at least 2 years running at one position.

Schedule is 5 days a week, 40 working hours, starting at 10 or 11am to be agreed by both parties, and 2 full days off during the business week or on the weekend. The actual time schedule will vary depending on the children’s schedule. The typical schedule when they are at school means that the Governess works full time on Saturday and Sunday (11am – 7 pm) and part time during business week (starting at the agreed time and ending at 7pm or 8pm, depending on the circumstances) with 2 full days off during the business week (days to be agreed by both parties). The Governess should understand that the job requires flexibility in the working days and/or time schedule, depending on the availability of kids from school and other commitments and agrees to do her best to accommodate to the schedule of the kids. Separate apartment is provided in Moscow. 4 weeks of paid Holiday a year. Visa support and travel expenses covered by the client. Salary on offer 1000 GBP per week.