Stanford University BA, MA, MS, PhD candidate. Retired research engineer. Diplomas also in mathematics and humanities. Other teaching specialties in finance, law and IT. 17-year post-retirement English teacher, tutor, lecturer and professor.

Successfully teach ages 8+ at all levels. (Read testimonials below)

MBA and all exam preparations ( e.g. IELTS, GCSE, Cambridge, SAT, GRE, TOEFL and GMAT ). Also assist with school applications, including recommendations.

Cambridge ILEC and ICFE respectively for lawyers and accountancy, finance and management.

Business English ( law, finance, taxation, negotiation, presentation and correspondence and writing ), plus interview practice and preparation.

Private English instruction Ė general, business and academic English.

MSU lecturer - Diplomat and international business.

Ernst and Young/ PWC/ Deloite Touche senior teacher - lawyers, financiers and economists.

In company - TNK-BP, Intel, CISCO Sys., Gasprom, Maersk, Alfa Bank, LíOreal, and the USA and Swiss Embassies.

Small groups are also accepted. 2000 Rubles per 45-minute academic hour. All lessons in my flat's classroom. Write:


Iíve enjoyed raising my level of English. Ed has helped me improve my presentation and writing skills. ( Anastasia, 32-year old pharmaceutical industry supervisor, April 2015 )

I'm so pleased! I just received the highest C2 Superior Advanced level on my recent Cambridge Exam, and only after 18 months preparation from the pre-intermediate level. I'm on my way to a career change to economics and management. Next I'll take TOEFL or IELTS ( Elena, 26-year old unhappy IT professional, September 2014 )

I have been engaged with tutor Ed for 9 months. I can say that he is a first-class coach, as there is no one else to compare. He teaches very strong grammar in an interesting way, so that the lessons are held in a relaxed and friendly environment, which also helps a lot with spoken English. I had problems with spoken English, but after a few sessions the language barrier at work with foreigners began to feel more confident. Although my level is upper-intermediate, we started with a repetition of the basics with pre-intermediate and study the rhythm of the English. Ed is really very cultured, well-mannered and considerate, and most importantly professional. Class times are always coordinated with the student at a convenient time for the student, the apartment is clean and tidy, so learning English is very comfortable. Very grateful to Ed for lessons and glad I found this tutor! Rating: 5 + (Anastasia, 26-year old, Lawyer, Ph.D., May 2014)

I am very grateful to Ed. He helped my 15-year old daughter's pronunciation, language, grammar and everything that we needed, we got. Very competent teacher, I liked it, explains everything is available, we are grateful. He found a common language with my daughter, Aida. She likes to study, school grades are higher too. (Aida, 15-year old student, April 2014)

With a teacher of English Vinieratos Ed cooperating for several months. Overall, I like everything, otherwise we would stop our cooperation. Lessons are with me and my husband. By nature Ed is a gentle man, a good professional. Classes take place in an interesting manner, competently and thoroughly responsible all of our questions. Appreciate his work as an expert on the "5", " (Margarita and Sergey, March 2014)

Vinieratos Ed is a very good teacher. I like his approach, and his explanations, so it is interesting and educational to participate in his lessons. After a short break (due to my trip) cooperation will continue. I recommend Ed to anyone who wants to significantly raise their level of English. I am very pleased with my results and improved knowledge. (Stanislav, a 22-year old lawyer, preparing for TOEFL and GMAT exams, en route to ultimately earning an MBA, October 2013)

I enjoyed my lessons with the tutor. The results of our collaboration was a sharp improvement in spoken English, as noted by my foreign colleagues and associates. I am very satisfied. Unfortunately, due to a job change, I cannot continue my lessons. However, as soon as I work again permanently, I intend to resume my lessons." (Marina, PhD Economics, August 2013)

Ed is a great teacher. He helps me learn English. Our classes are great, so I am happy relating this about my teacher. We are continuing our cooperation. ( Dmity, a 20-year old, fifth-year economics and law student, April 2013 )

Ed is a good teacher. He is pleasant, sympathetic and an understanding man. I am comfortable with him. He gives me all that is necessary for the development of language. I have seen many class results. I estimate with "5." ( Victor, a 20-year old, fourth-year law student. March 2013 )

He is a wonderful teacher, a real professional and a ď5.Ē. His students will be prepared well. I enjoyed our lessons and am ready to re-apply as needed. ( Sergey, a forty-one year old economics manager, preparing for his GMAT exam and to earn an MBA. February 15, 2013 )

Good teacher, knows how to build a fun exercise. The child began to speak better English. (Olga, mother of 10 year-old Albina, November 26, 2012

After starting my pre-intermediate studies with you two years ago, my law-firm employer has given me a one-year scholarship to obtain a Western MBA. (Vladimir, a thirty year old, Moscow lawyer, with advanced English skills, November 4, 2012)

My experience with the teacher was quite positive. I was happy with everything, but my schedule limited me to once weekly lessons that were insufficient. ( October 1, 2012, Tamara, International Financial Product Sales, Raiffeisen Bank )

My ongoing lessons are excellent and I am completely satisfied. The lesson materials are easily and quickly acquired. After just a few months my English knowledge has greatly improved. My company is also pleased with my improved English usage at work. ( September 28, 2012, Alex, Deputy Director, Finance Dept., MIG Aircraft Corporation )

Several years ago I took your English lessons. I appreciate your efforts as I successfully passed GMAT (with 730, very high, thanks!) and TOEFL, completing the MBA program 7 months ago. My friend Andrew is looking for a native speaker to improve his English. Andrew will take the TOEFL and LSAT exams. Would you be interested in teaching him? Best Regards, Anton. (August 3, 2012, Anton T., corporate executive)

He very lucidly explains complex issues and quickly understands what you need. During the cooperation with the tutor, I learned a lot. (Dilara, financial analyst , GMAT preparation. July 2012)

Heís a great coach! We like cooperating with him. He teaches my eleven year old daughter well. They get along wonderfully. The tutor exceeds all our expectations. All is fine. Thank you. . (June 2012, Tatiana, child psychologist and mother of Sonya, age 11)

The tutor certainly knows grammar. He has his own special technique and approach. Six months of study are necessary to get a significant result. I learned well from the conversational practice and grammar taught. Thanks for helping my company. I will apply again if necessary. . ( May 2012, Segey, Chief Engineer, Bell Helicopter, Russia )

I really liked his good teaching, especially, his approach and methodology. I must say that we worked quite productively. I have the most positive impression. I'm happy and the quality of teaching and results. Thank you for your help. ( March 2012, Alexandra, financial analyst, Raiffeisen Bank )

The lessons were good and the student is happy about them. (Moscow businessman, Oleg Vís quick explanation during a long-distance call placed from Johannesburg, South Africa. I had coached him to prepare him for the language (offers, phraseology and questions) to use to dialog and to solicit business associates at an industrial conference. Moscow, Russia, September 2011)

Learning from Ed is a great experience. He is an excellent, competent teacher. We will definitely continue our lessons with him. (September 2011, Vika S. & Lena K., two 24 year-old business ladies, Beginner English students and USA emigrants)

Everything is wonderful! I have a common language with the tutor and we are improving my weaknesses. Thank you. (August 2011, Anya S. Gasprom lawyer, pre-intermediate student planning to emigrate to the USA)

I am quite pleased because I have substantially improved my conversation, grammar and vocabulary to communicate professionally in English. (August 2011, Olga Y., a 24 year old Brand Manager for a large alcoholic beverage distributor)

My ongoing training is very successful. The teacher is quite positive with good human contact and conversational practice. I feel that I am being prepared well for ultimate emigration to the USA and I assess the teacher at the highest mark. (May 2011, Ruslan M., USA emigrant)

The teacher dialogues well, and above all he is a competent and professional teacher, who considered and discussed my topics, taking into account all my wishes and needs, giving me a high language level, which is very helpful in my new job. The professionalism of the teacher is assessed at 5. (December 2010, Pauline B., Ph.D. Economics)

The teacher was professional ("excellent.") in the critique and editing of my translation of a colleague's mathematics proof to be entered in a millennium contest. (November, 2010, Elena., Professor)

Thank you very much! Gennadiy, (Medical university professorís SMS from Germany after successfully presenting his symposium paper in English. I had coached him in preparation. Moscow, Russia, October 2, 2010.)

I have been admitted to the INSEAD Executive MBA program. I am happy. Thank you for your support. (September 29, 2010, Anton T., corporate executive)

I took the GMAT and scored 730 of 800, a 94% rating. For the essays I scored 4.5 of 6.0. Although 4.5 is 75% ranking. I think it is not bad for a non-native speaker. Thank you for the lessons. Best regards. . (September 29, 2010, Anton T., corporate executive)

I am your former Business Writing student from Ernst & Young. I've won a grant from the Fulbright Scholarship Fund for LL.M studies in Florida. Thank you so much for your our business correspondence lessons and recommendation! (June 2010, Moscow, Elena Y., lawyer,)

I successfully passed the TOEFL with 96 points and it was a long, experimental exam. Yesterday I received NYU's letter of acceptance and offer of a full scholarship! Thank you very much! (December 2009, Alik, age 16 school boy)