Moscow is like a jungle – impenetrable, incomprehensible
Here is the way out: study Russian
with a university teacher
Dr Ekaterina Krisanova!

Teaching Russian as a foreign language since 1998!

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Alisha Chand, marketing manager at Samsung:
Hi, my name is Alisha. I’ve been living and working in Moscow for over 3 years now. And with the last 3 years I have been learning Russian from Ekaterina. When I arrived in Moscow I did not speak any Russian apart from “privyet” and “spasibo”. And with the past 3 years I feel as that my Russian has improved by lips and bounds. I can understand meetings in Russian now at office. I can get around Moscow much more easily. And as a result of learning Russian I feel as that my performance at work has also improved a lot.
Russian is an extremely difficult language. But Ekaterina makes her classes very structured and systematic which makes it much easier to learn Russian. She is also extremely patient with you, while at the same time she’s constantly pushing you to strive further. So I feel like in every class I’m progressing a lot. She also makes her classes very interesting and challenging which makes me look forward to each of her classes every time. As long as I’m going to stay in Russia I’m going to learn Russian from Ekaterina and I would highly recommend her for anyone who wants to learn the Russian language.
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Dr Ekaterina Krisanova:
I like the Russian language. I believe that language is a living thing and it lives its own life. To observe its behavior is one of the most fascinating activities in the world.
I like teaching Russian to foreigners. To teach is to constantly solve puzzles: how could I describe the maximum of language facts in the minimum steps. To teach is, according Socrates, to be a “midwife” who helps ideas to be born, i.e. who helps a student “to give birth” to new knowledge about the structure of the Russian language.
And I like my students. There are so many stresses in our life – a lesson should not be one more stressful situation for a client. It’s extremely important that at a lesson we would feel comfortable and would be able just to relax and smile.