I am renting out a single room in a two-room apartment 7 minutes by foot from Yugo-Zapadnaya. The apartment looks Soviet, but the kind of Soviet you see in “Moscow Doesn’t Believe In Tears”, I mean very cozy. It is a 4-minute walk from a good inexpensive gym and several stores. It is a 15-minute walk from the RUDN campus, with plenty of nice and cheap cafes. An awesome cinema is also a 15-minute walk away. The area itself is very pretty, green and peaceful. The house is clean and very safe. The neighbors are friendly. The other person living in the apartment is an expat girl from Belarus.

Price is 20,000 rubles per month. The room is available starting in mid-April 2015.

Contact person: Mariann, Phone: +79688230731, e-mail: mariann.kissig@googlemail.com