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Thread: товарный чек on train E-tickets?

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    товарный чек on train E-tickets?

    Some times I get a rash all over the body because of the Russian bureaucracy.

    When I purchase some goods I get a товарный чек and that is a sufficient proof of purchase for a company so they can refund me and make there "wonderfool" bookkeeping look nice.

    But that goes for goods, when it comes to buy a service, a train ticket, a train ticket that I buy online and only get the E-ticket that I print out, then I have no товарный чек that the company can use in there bookkeeping system and all hell break loose because they can't refund me because I have no sufficient proof of purchase, they claim that I need to go to the train station (stay in the queue) and buy the ticket there because that ticket is a sufficient proof of purchase.

    I can find info that state "In accordance with Decree No. 322 issued by the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation on 21.08.2012, the control coupon is a document of strict accountability and is used for making payments using bank cards without using cash register equipment.", that is in my humble world a proof that a E-ticket is a sufficient proof of purchase, what do you think?

    Btw. Decree No. 322 goes here

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    I'm afraid your company is lying to you, e-tickets can be used for reimbursement.
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    My company, RF based entity, always accepts printouts of RZD e-tickets together with corresponding bank statement (выписка с карточного счёта). So I'm afraid, Masha is right - either they lie, or are a bit incompetent.
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