Hello! My name is Natella. I am a professional Russian teacher and I give Russian classes for all levels at student’s places, at my place, in cafes and by SKYPE.
If needed you can get references from my students.
I plan every class and explain rules in good English.
My place: 3 min walk from Avtozavodskaya metro station (next to Paveletskaya, green line)

Here below are my personal details, teaching program, methods and aids:

Education – Moscow Pedagogical University named after N. K. Krupskaya
Profession – linguist, teacher of Russian as a foreign language
Experience – 5 years
Location - Avtozavodskaya metro station (1 station from the ring line, down from Paveletskaya, on the green line). 3 min walk from the metro.

Program of teaching is tailored to individual needs of every student.

To allow a more focused approach, I have developed my own teaching materials in Word document format. They include:
• Topical vocabulary arranged by everyday themes
• Clear, efficient explanatory modules and grammar tables
• Tables with verbal forms

Courses offered:

1. Survival Russian. 3 – 4 months depending on frequency of lessons.
Enables to communicate in every-day situations.
Includes every-day vocabulary. Role plays of every-day situations.
Elementary Grammar.

2. Basic Russian. 1 – 2 years depending on frequency of lessons.
Enables to hold a conversation, speak fluently and correctly.
Includes extended Vocabulary, Basic Grammar and Extended Grammar
Basic Grammar: Verbs of everyday life, Verbs of Motion, Genders of Nouns, Adjectives and Possessives, Case endings, etc.
Extended Grammar: Perfective & Imperfective Verbs, etc.

3. Business Russian
Enables to make appointments, speak with colleagues and business partners, discuss business, make presentations, correspond, etc. Includes Business vocabulary: conversation, correspondence and documents

4. Fees
At my place: 60 min – 800 rubles, 90 min – 1100 rubles
By SKYPE: 60 min – 800 rubles, 75 min - 1000, rubles, 90 min – 1200 rubles
At your place: 60 min – 1300 rubles, 90 min – 1500 rubles

If you have questions please contact me on natella_s@mail.ru