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Thread: Yaroslavl

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    Welcome to one of the most beautiful, interesting cultural and historical city!

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    A great city which is well worth visiting Its only approximately 250kms from Moscow so is perfect for a weekend trip.
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    Nice place, especially the old part of the city, good bars and walks, well looked after park near the river,I think the money for the park was donated by Gazprom...if you walk along side the Volga, all the way to the Rechnoy Vokzal,there's a pier with a decent restaurant...The place is worth even a second visit...
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    I agree. I was there in August, and was struck by how few tourists (relatively) and how good the infrastructure was. Someone's been sinking money there for a fact.
    We took the kids for a walk around downtown, stayed at a nearby monastery, and then went back and checked out the planetarium (good fun for kids!). We also walked in on a chess tournament and my younger son got to participate in a simultaneous exhibition by a master. A friend gave us bad advice to check out a railroad museum some 15 km off; turned out to be very little to see for the effort, but a boat museum/complex on the way back turned out to be OK (though the waitress brought us the wrong dish and then grossly overcharged us at the ship-shaped restaurant).

    When the weather is bad, dunno, but when it's good it's a treat!

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