Okay so I was going to hold off until Saturday but after spending he day there I thought why waste time. My friends from the group "Lipps" ( Mike Winn's favorite group) jumped on board so tonight we will rock out our new location in a way you have become accustomed to "Papa Don Style"

Happy Hour from 4pm until 10pm!

Wings 2 for 1

Drink Specials

Bud Bottles 0.33 100 Rubles
Sibersky Corona 0.5 100 Rubles
Whiskey Cola 100 rubles
Rum Cola 100 Rubles
Gin Tonic 100 Rubles
Sparkling Wine 100 rubles
Long Islands 250 rubles
Margarita 250 Rubles
B-52 150 Rubles
Orgasm 150 rubles
Bloody Mary 150 rubles

Donnie's Bar & Grill
Москва // Сущевская ул., 19с7, Moscow, Russia
Bar & Grill
8 (499) 978-23-64